Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall is HEre!!

I'm back!! I have been so busy this year, I cannot believe its already October and I have not updated since MAY!!! We had an amazing summer, it just flew by so fast!

                                     This is our newest family member, "Bunbun" that we got this summer. He's the cutest bunny alive!

So many things have changed and I am now teaching at a new campus.  We are doing SO many fun things in the art room so I will continue to post for a few days until I catch up!! Today for my first super long post, I wanted to write about some of the fun Fall projects we have going on! Students have been learning about pumpkins and creating some beautiful Fall pumpkin patches and scarecrows! We even started some cool glow in the dark spider webs today!

Third grade made these watercolor pumpkins that turned out beautifully! They also used glow in the dark paint for the stars and moon!

That had to draw 3-4 overlapping pumpkins and we gave them value and made them look shiney!

Fourth grade made these "Pumpkin Piles"
They used chalk pastels, and glow in the dark paint for the stars

 Kindergarten and first grade made these awesome scarecrows! They all turned out so cute and different! We added straw for the hair and buttons. First we talked about how to make the face happy, sad, mad etc. They started with black crayons doing a draw along,
Then they used oil pastels to color the shirt, corn, crow, eyes, nose, and grass lines.

 Then they painted the sky, grass, and the hat with watercolors

Kindergarten and First grade made these squirrels last week. We did a draw-along first, and then they colored the pumpkin and squirrel with oil pastels. Next they glued a white acorn on him and painted it gold. They painted the tail gold too. I made little arms that they glued on and added some fur. The kids added details that reflected themselves. I love how this student added a chef's hat because he likes to cook!!

 Bunbun is ready for HAlloween, are you?


  1. Three Terrific fall art projects! Those squirrels are so darn cute! And Bunbun is adorable; your girls must be having so much fun with him. :)

  2. These are so fun! Could you post your step by step draw along for the squirrels? So cute, but I'm at a loss for how to do this with first graders. (I'm a volunteer for an art program)

  3. Do you provide step by step directions for any of your projects? They are all wonderful?