Thursday, November 19, 2009

Picasso Rock Stars

My theme this year is "Art Rocks" so for this project instead of self portraits as I have done in the past, we did Rock Stars. I printed lots of pictures of iconic and popular music artists that the kids would recognize. They LOOOVED this, Michael Jackson, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Gene Simmons, Elvis, Madonna, etc.

We studied for the first week about Picasso; his art, his family, schooling, different styles and periods, and looked at lots of books and art samples.

I connected him with rock stars because of how he felt isolated in his special group of talented artists who like to think out of the box and create a new "normal" for realism, which was one reason he liked painting circus people in his rose period, because they were unique and different. Rock Stars are different and may also feel isolated from the world because of their fame. I told them that Picasso was famous like a rock star!

The first class we drew a crazy profile veiw of their music artist. They learned how to draw a profile, face proportions, and profile eyes.

The next class they had to draw their artist from the front veiw. The drawing had to be divided into shapes, and totally colored with a variety of colors using oil pastel. Eyes had to have an iris, pupil, and reflection of light (any shape or color)

You have to stress that each drawing must be the same size to fit together when combined

Then the two drawings are cut out and glued together to make one face combined. Students could cut out the eye in the back and glue it in the front if they liked it better than the overlapping one, they could also cut the lips like a flap and have them overlap the profile face as well.
Students could work on this awesomely fun website when finished!

This student liked the nose and lips from the front veiw better than the profile so he ut them like a flap and overlapped them on the profile

This student didn't make them the same size but it still looked okay when combined

The students really enjoyed this project and created some beautiful artwork. They love learning about different artists, and enjoyed Picasso reveiw trivia at the end of each class for fun prizes!


  1. This is such a cool unit! I love the work - so colorful and funky! What a perfect subject matter to do rock stars!

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