Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Faux Fordite Pendants

Fordite is a stone made from layers and layers as years of layers of paint that dripped from the cars at the Ford factory many years ago! When polished it is very rare and beautiful!

To begin this project, first cut TruRay “bright colors” construction paper into 3 inch by one inch rectangles. Students will glue 30 strips together. 
I used a glue soaked sponge because it allows the perfect amount of glue and covers the whole paper easily. They just tap the paper on the sponge. When the glue is dry, you sand the paper on a belt sander. I let two kids on each sander and it works fine. Make sure kids have no loose clothing and any long hair is tied back in a ponytail. 
When they are finished sanding you will poke a hole with an awl and use a paint brush to paint resin over each “stone” place on an egg carton so resin can drip off the edges. Add glitter or gold leaf if you want! The fumes from the resin are toxic so you must do this step yourself after school, not with kids. I wear a mask and use gloves when using it. It will be solid as glass when dry!!  
When the resin is dry, add a pinch clasp to the hole and attach to a cord! I bought all these items on amazon!