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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Van Gogh mural

This mural was created by fourth grade students with tempra paint and oil pastels. Students each got a square cut from a large print and a square white paper. The students made a grid on the little square and the paper and transfered the drawing of their section of the painting onto their paper. Then they painted with large impressionist brush strokes and then used oil pastel to accent edges when dry. We taped them all together at the end to make the mural and they were so excited!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Radial Design

4-5th grade students talked about radial designs in art and in nature. These are created with pencil, then outlined and colored with marker, then colored chalk on the edges of the white sections, then modge podge at the end

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hip-hop Art

We had some visitors at our school who rapped and danced and talked about the hip-hop art culture. We talked about how graffitti was a federal offense and so was wrinting on school property, then we looked at some art. Kind of similar to graffiti but on canvases. Students started with a shape and made lots of organic shapes around it like puzzle peices but none of the shapes could touch. They made letters into organic shapes and hid their names somewhere in the picture. Some students made symbols of things they like (scateboard logos,clothing labels,or characters) and cut them out of tag board and used 3-D O's to stick them on so they pop up a little.
We mounted them on black paper and used silver sharpies to continue the shapes for an interesting border.

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