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Friday, September 12, 2014

Foil People Sculptures

My fifth graders are learning about human gestures with foil sculptures and then personalizing them into things the students like to do. This project is very easy and SO much FUN!

First we made our sculptures, then students used a variety of materials to give their sculpture personality!

Here are a few finished sculptures!!

1. Begin with a large rectangle of heavy duty foil
2. Draw one line at the bottom with a sharpie a little longer than the length of your hand

3. Then draw two lines at the top the same length

4. Cut on the lines

the two bottom flaps will be the legs. Gently roll them into a cylinder form

don't squeeze them yet. Remind kids when they begin to squeeze the arms and legs to do it VERY VERY VERY VERY gently because if you squeeze your sculpture tight it will become brittle and will break and will not be able to stand on its own

  Gently squeeze the legs a TINY TINY bit

 5. join the two ends of the middle together and join them by rolling them together (just the tips of the ends)

6. Now roll the arms into a cylinder just like the legs and gently gently squeeze but don't squeeze all the way

 Now Roll the top of the head down and every so gently pinch in the sides so it makes a ball, (don't squeeze the head too tight or it will be tiny and fall off)

Bend the feet, Hands, knees, and elbows

Then decorate!!! Have fun!!

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