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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Grinch Stole Christmas!!!

This week the kids are making a Grinch with a REALLY BIG heart! Students do a draw-along of the Grinch and then write a very sweet note/ or notes to a loved ones to warm his heart!! Then of course we COVER them with glitter!!!

 This weekend I had the privilege to use a very awesome studio with two of my best friends who are also art teachers to throw pottery! It was SO much fun and I got lots of Christmas presents made for all my coffee loving family members!!

My kiddos made these super cute trees and we bought some awesome sparkly green glaze for them! Can not wait to glaze and fire!

We had SO much fun making the Grinch today! Here are the steps we followed for our drawings. 

The kids wrote the SWEETEST things to their families!! 
some of my favorites from today were...

-Grandma, I love you because you always has gum in your purse
-Dad, I love when mom is gone and you take us to get donuts
-Dad, I love you because you make the best chicken!
-Mom-I love how you take care of me when I'm sick even though you might get sick too!
-I love my mom because she is so pretty and smells like a sugar cookie
-Dad- I love when you ask me to help you fix things!

 I made this life size Grinch for our teachers to "Warm the Heart" of the Grinch! There were already several sweet notes on him when I left this afternoon, and I am hopeful we will fill him with lovely sentiments of kindness by the end of the week!

What is everyone out there doing for Christmas projects? Send me some comments love and email me your holiday art pictures. I will post a holiday project collection!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter One Day Projects "Nutcrackers" and "Penguins"

Are you in need of some quick and fun Winter One Day projects? Get out your paper,markers,oil pastels, scissors and glue! Here are a few fun projects we have done the past few weeks!

First is the Nutcracker!
Our 4th graders are performing "The Nutcracker" this week and have practiced for months. (they did AWESOME!)
For this project start with a piece of drawing paper cut vertically in half.
Fold the paper into thirds.
The first square will be the head and hat, then the next square is the body and arms.The legs and platform are in the last square. They can be creative and make their own hat or their own nutcracker character.

Students got very creative with their nutcrackers. We added tons of GLITTER when they were done!

This year we are making nutcracker ornaments.
I bought some black and white fur, sequins, and rhinestones. Also sparkly pipe cleaners for the top! 

Ok the next project is penguins! Here are the steps, kids got really creative and added so many fun details and pretty backgrounds. Of course we also covered them with plenty of glitter.

This is our new friend, Dustie. She is an angora bunny and will be visiting the art room as our new class pet soon!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finished Texture Turkeys and Hot Air Balloons

I have had several emails about the Texture Turkeys, so I am posting directions. First you draw the body and beak on construction paper and cut them out. Draw the turkey's face with oil pastels. Glue him on a large piece of white paper.

students draw the feathers around the turkey on white paper and color them in with the texture plates using crayons (not oil pastels)

We made these thankful pumpkins today. Students wrote thankful sentences about people they are thankful for to give as gifts for Thanksgiving

Our Hot Air Balloons turned out so cute!! Some classes used paint for the balloons, and some used oil pastels. 


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