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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Faux Fordite Jewelry

Fordite, also known as Detroit agate, is old automobile paint which has hardened sufficiently to be cut and polished.[1] It was formed from the buildup of layers ofenamel paint slag on tracks and skids on which cars were hand spray-painted (a now automated process), which have been baked numerous times.[2] In recent times the material has been recycled as eco-friendly jewelry.[3]

1. Begin with pieces of construction paper. Use a sponge of glue to glue 25-30 pieces of paper together
2.When that is dry you will sand the edges to reveal the layers! 

3.Then use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail polish to add some shine!!!

You can use a jewelry clip that you just squeeze on the top to make it into a necklace! 
Have FUN!!

These clips just pinch right on!!

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