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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jim Dine

Oil Pastels!!!

I LOVE this project. Fourth and Fifth grade were shown artwork by Jim Dine. They had to create a composition with oil pastels of a heart/s! Everyone’s art had to be original and express the feelings of their heart.hearts20 hearts22
heartscollage2 hearts19
hearts1 hearts3 hearts4 hearts6 hearts7 hearts9 hearts15 hearts12 hearts5 hearts10 hearts11 hearts17 hearts13 hearts14


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rodeo Art

Every year our school participates in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Show. The little girl above is one of my students who won "best of Show" for our district a few years ago. She painted the adorable cowgirl above and I got her the matching outfit so she could BE the cowgirl she created at the big awards ceremony! It was unforgettable! Each year we watch videos clips of the Rodeo events and read Texas and western themed books, and I let the students choose what they want to draw.

This year first graders chose Bull Riding. They splatter painted the mud and drew a crowd of spectators adorned in their Rodeo best!

students practiced the art elements of




rodeo22 rodeo6 rodeo8

Second grade chose armadillos. They had to create an interesting Texas themed background. Students practiced the art principles and elements of


foreground, middle ground, and background

and texture on the armadillo

rodeo14 rodeo25 rodeo13 rodeo12 rodeo11

Third, Fourth and Fifth was a mixture of cows, bulls, and dogs.

The classes that chose dogs, sketched dogs from dog books for several weeks. They decided what they wanted for their background and created a country western composition including a dog. They were all so creative and different.

rodeo24 rodeo23 rodeo19 rodeo18 rodeo15 rodeo10 rodeo16

The painting above was created by a very special 5th grader. He is an amazing artist!! The composition was created entirely out of his head! He used acrylic on poster board. He actually changed the color of the dog about five times!!

And now the cows. I wish I had photos of more of them. I had some blue cows and green cows that looked awesome! They all have such unique adorable personalities

rodeo1 rodeo21 rodeo20 rodeo7 rodeo17 rodeo3 rodeo9 rodeo2

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creativity in America


Art teachers, I would love to hear your feedback on this article!


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