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Friday, September 30, 2011


Well it FINALLY RAINED in Houston!!! I freaked out when I saw these crazy awesome clouds yesterday! It has inspired lots of rain projects for the next few weeks. Fourth and Fifth are working on some amazing paintings right now that I can’t wait to post next week. So I am thinking of ideas for our next project!  Here is my example using a picture of yours truly! I am really enjoying the photo/paintings and the kids are LOVING it!
Take photo and print. Use liquid watercolors and a straw
Turn the paper every time you want the drips to change direction. The tiny straws work better for this
edit1 (2)rain


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lines, Lines, and Fish Bowls Oh My!!

We are studying LINES right now and we started this project today. They are not done yet, but I just couldn’t wait! I will post some finished ones next week! We have done the crazy Hair Day project in the past but I thought this would be fun and the kids LOVED it!
They had a HUGE VARIETY of materials, paint, markers, colored pencils, stamps, crayons, and, oil pastels
art2011 301
Students had to make the lines OVERLAP by stopping and continuing on the other side when it crossed over.
art2011 275
art2011 279 art2011 298
art2011 295
art2011 300 
I can’t WAIT for them to finish! Their line ideas were AWESOME!
Kinder and first grade are making fish bowls
I got this idea on pinterest from this blog
Of course we put our own twist to it. It was a good way to get kinder painting and learning our procedures with paint and clean up! One kid suggested our fish have a castle, so some drew it with pastels and I cut some out to glue on.
art2011 254
1. glue bowl to paper
2. paint water LIGHT blue using the paint, dip in water THEN go to paper technique
3.paint rocks, and a plant
4. hand print sideways
5. decorate with oil pastels and paper scraps
art2011 253 copy
I got these really cool goobly eyes at Michaels in the Halloween craft section! They were purple, orange, and green
art2011 260_edited-1
art2011 305
art2011 251
art2011 308
art2011 247

Monday, September 19, 2011

Figure Drawing with Army men


Since we have been working on drawing the face for our self portrait rainbow mural, I thought I would teach them how to make the body. I wanted them to observe how the arms and legs bend because of knees and elbows. I did this with first,second, and third grade.


This was the little guide we used. I told them to look at all the details of their little man.


They outlined it with green Crayola markers and painted with water


The older kids had to draw two figures in the foreground and background and overlap them.


They could draw camouflage or an American flag in the background with chalk pastels



edit8 edit6


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Van Gogh’s Room

art2011 198

We have been talking about Vincent Van Gogh, and this week the students made these little rooms. We looked at his painting of his room and I told them that I had been there and it was really nice. I wanted them to imagine an artwork where they would like to visit; a fun personally designed room of their dreams that reflected the colors and things that they liked.


art2011 201


The artist’s Room!

art2011 205

art2011 208

Tiny closet with tiny clothes on tiny hangers!

art2011 206

The beach going sports enthusiast's room!

art2011 209

Tiny flat screen TV…or laptop?

art2011 210

The museum curator's Room!

art2011 214

art2011 212

art2011 203

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shrinky Dinks

June LOVES Shrinky Dinks! This was a fun project we did making a dress up doll and fun outfits to play with.

First you find an image and trace it onto the shrinky dink paper. It is transparent and perfect for tracing. You can use markers, pencils, or paint pens. We used all of them.



Then color the outfits


Then preheat oven to 325 and place shrinky dinks on a paper bag. It only takes about a minute to shrink.


Here is the BEFORE…





I then applied tiny pieces of velcro to the back of each outfit and the front of Junie!


Then dress her up!!


So tiny and cute!


June had so much fun PLAYING with her artwork!!


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