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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tablet picture Tuesday (around the art room)

Excuse the poor quality of these photos! Sometimes, all I can do is snap a pic with the iphone or Ipad for the sake of time! It has been a busy few weeks! Here are a few pics from around the art room!

So a few weeks ago I got really obsessed with this streaming LIVE camera of a bald eagle family in Florida! My students LOVED watching the baby eagles and I left them streming on the wall while they worked. It was SO exciting when the mom or dad would show up to feed the babies with a HUGE fish or some such small mammal. Here is the link if you want to show your class...they will be in the nest until April.

 We made drawings and added feathers for fun! We learned lots of fun cool facts about the eagles too!

This is our new friend, Clover

He is a red footed tortoise and will be our new class pet!

Today kinder and first grade made some beautiful tp tube heart stamped artworks. I glued the hearts to a piece of cardboard to make them last a little longer.

 They used watercolor and made a background of squares. They had to fill their paper with squares and paint lightly

They used Prang Glitter Watercolors. They are not very bright, but the kids don't seem to mind, they just LOVE glitter

After a while the stamps get saturated and the ends start to get squishy, making the edges thicker

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

heART Sculptures

We have finished up our blue dog inspired animals (post to come) and have started working on some works of heART! Students made heart shaped armatures with crumbled paper and masking tape

this student wanted to make an eye ball....when they get inspired you just have to go with it...she said the pupil will be a heart!

they added details with poster board

I was very impressed with how creative they got!!! Each one is so unique

Then we used plast'r craft to cover them

Next week we will use tempera paint to paint them, varnish them with Mod Podge gloss, and add details with gold paint pens!! I will post pics of the finished products next week!!!

 They dry very hard and solid in about an hour

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