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Friday, April 30, 2010

Finished Big Big Cats

2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade finsihed working on their Big Big Cats last week. Here are a few of the finished products. Students outlined and added details with oil pastels when finsihed. Some students drew girraffes and zebras in the background along with the Acatia trees. We used gold and copper tempra for the grass. I am sort of obsessed with metallic tempra paint. It's different, the kids like it, and it just adds an element of surprise and interest to a painting!


  1. What type of paper did you use with this project and what type of paint? Could you use arylic for the whole project?

  2. p.s. Did you use a specific book with this project? (would like to do this project with my kids)

  3. Love them!!! Starting a version of this lesson with my 2/3 kiddos now!! ill be sure to link back to you once i get done and post the results! Great project! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. These are fantastic! But it is the eyes that truly make the pictures wonderful! You really got the students to give these big cats life! Terrific! I must do this with my classes!


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