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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shout out to Artolazzi!

TUTORIAL FOR LIZARD HEAD HERE  I have been so busy lately and have hardly had time to blog. Thank you so much for the Versatile blogger awards. I will eventually get some time to reciprocate! I appologise! I really appreciate all my readers and your sweet sweet comments. I have two high maintenence toddlers at home that keep me on my toes! We have been doing so many things in here and I need to catch up and bring my camera this week to update the latest. Here are some things from a few weeks ago…
These cubes are so easy to make and you can be so creative with what they put inside. Some kids put an alien inside, some made flowers, animals, tvs, and some made it into a giant robot head
IMG_9745 IMG_9748
Ok this made my day. Today I had a parent tell me that they were on their way to the zoo and saw a painting of Van Gogh outside the art museum and the child said, “Look mommy, it’s Vincent Van Gogh!” It made the two weeks of yellow paint stains on my pants completely worth it!!
IMG_9749 IMG_9750
Shout out to Artolazzi! Jenny Bartolazzi, you are a genius!
Your ideas impress me and your posts never disappoint. I am so glad you blog so I can copy you!
My kids are so happy with their chameleons because of you. I love the candid picture I caught of a student snuzzling up to her chameleons as though they were made out of velvet and purred like kittens!! You can find step by step instructions for these chameleons on her blog here:
My kids used the same steps as we used on the bunny head to make the chameleon head
They LOVED them.
We watched these videos first, some of the other classes gave theirs sun glasses

IMG_1140 IMG_1152 IMG_0208 IMG_0201 IMG_0199
Some kids even made a cube cage for their Chameleons and I gave a prize to the one who could spell chameleon first!
AND I will conclude with a random photo from one of my recent newborn photoshoots that has nothing to do with elementary art! This also keeps me busy! Is she not the cutest thing God ever breathed life into!
She makes my ovaries hurt!

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