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Friday, February 17, 2012

The “Glow Station” and a Sculpture Present! (updated)

26 thank you's

Today after lunch, I had a student totally make my day. The kindergarten student who made the Angry bird sculpture with me yesterday asked me if I would post it online. I posted the picture last night and today he wrote me TWENTY SIX thank you notes. He brought me a PILE of papers...each one saying the same exact thing ..."Thank you for pooting my art on the wabsit!"

The glow station….
an amazing environment for creativity and imagination
giant monochromatic self portraits…coming soon
This morning I was greeted by a kindergartener and an extraordinary sculpture gift he had made for me out of lots of found objects glued onto a foam board. As I talked to him about it, we both thought it looked like a scene from the Angry Birds Game. I gave him some paint, paper, yarn,and goobly eyes and this is what we ended up with!! He was so proud of his creation! edit8


  1. Love all the thank you's and the adorable sculpture. Kindergarten?! WOW.

    But what I'm really writing for is to ask about the glow station. Can you explain what it is you were using and doing? It looks really interesting but I'm not sure what I'm seeing exactly!

    1. The glow station is a small room/closet in my classroom with a black light. The kids get to go in there for good behavior or when they finish their work and free paint with neon tempera paint. (the neon paint glows under the black light.

  2. OMG! The glow station idea is GENIUS!!!!! I can't wait to try it! Thanks!

  3. I love the idea of a "Glow station" I use blacklight reactive lights for a week long lesson. We have tried making Blacklight posters, Before and after pictures with highliters on yellow paper, Radial designs, etc. Here a lesson I did using graffiti style letters, a motivational word and radial design.

  4. I love the Angry Bird sculpture! I teach an art class for my friends' homeschooled kids and they would LOVE to make those!

  5. Natalie, just found your blog.....some how through Pinterest! You are doing an awesome job! Love all your work and will be doing some of it with my classes. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

  6. Love the Glow Station idea. Where do you purchase Glow paint? Also love your student photo art with their image. How did yo unlarge their photo?



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