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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Go Away Big Green Monster and Skeleton Marionettes

Okay I am going to try to post every day this week!
Since I have been gone so long!! I have a lot to catch up.
Here is a kinder-first grade lesson idea that you can do TODAY! It’s so easy! First check out this book from your library, it has holes cut out and is a for sure crowd pleaser for the little ones!
These are the pieces I cut before class. For the eyes, they have to fold it in half and cut a circle.
We talked about emotion and colors. They could glue the mouth happy or sad/mad
The quietest table gets to have a pet!!! SSSSSSSHHHHHHH don’t wake him up…he BITES!!
OF course we had to add glitter at the end…this art teacher LOVES glitter!!
They also had to write Big Pink (or green or orange) Monster to incorporate writing
This project was with second grade. A 30 minute lesson.
We just drew a skeleton and taped it to some popsicle sticks and boom, you’ve got a marionette! I think this idea could be embellished with some Dia De Los Muertos decorations; hair,hats,maracas, flowers, glitter, and googly eyes!!
we made them talk to each other and students created  mini puppet shows
This weekend my daughter decided to give herself a creative hair cut! Yes she is sporting a mullet until we can take her to get something else…right now it’s a perfect new do in time for Halloween!! With a mom for an art teacher you have to know this was imminent. She cuts very well for a two year old and has access to scissors with all of our art supplies.

She thinks we should “glue it back!” Anyone else have a haircut story?


At least we had our family pictures taken last week! Heres a few of them!! Perfect timing on that!
Waggenspack Family 2012 (15)


  1. That haircut is actually very trendy right now with my high school students! ;) Also, love the classroom management trick with the quiet table getting a pet!

  2. Love your monsters (especially the big pink one) and your marionette skeletons (what fun!) and your daughter's hair cut (a great photo for her 21st birthday bash!)

  3. Love your monsters AND yer skellies. Also have to say yer daughter's hair is more punk rock than a mullet. :)

  4. Your daughters are adorable! That hair cut is too fun! I love that book. It's been one of those in my mental store house that I keep meaning to pull out and do something with! Great lesson.


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