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Friday, November 2, 2012

Super Simple Step by Step Sugar Skulls Drawing

Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexico TODAY! Nov 2nd! It is special to me because a large majority of our kids are either from or have family from Mexico. Many of them tell me about their families celebrating this holiday. I want them to know the skull can be something beautiful and not scary (Halloween) . The sugar skulls are so fun and I have a huge sweet tooth!! I like the idea of remembering the loved ones who are so dear to us, who have passed away. One way they celebrate is by cooking the favorite food of a special person who has passed away. I want to make Jamaican patties this weekend to remember my grandmother who lived in Jamaica as a missionary. My mother spent most of her childhood there and there are so many beautiful memories that I love to hear about. I love the thought of a special day to talk about and remember my grandparents who are in heaven now.

Here is a simple step by step I used with the young ones today to draw sugar skulls!

cool link to Dia De Los Muertos
A pile of groovy sugar skulls, decorated by Thaneeya McArdle

we used oil pastels around the edges to give it value!

Mona celebrates too!


  1. Great take on Dia De Los Muertos. Thanks for the step-by-step :)Elizabeth

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