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Friday, December 7, 2012


 I got this idea from Christie over at Fine Lines...if you don't follow her, go check out her blog! She is incredibly creative with so many awesome lessons to enjoy and be inspired!! Here is the original lesson!

We started with my favorite liquid water color. 
We learned about analogus/intermediate colors. They used blue for the sky and mixed turquoise and green to make blue-green for the water.

paint with water first, then apply the watercolor. They had to leave white spots for the clouds, and needed to have as many different VALUES of blue green (dark and light) in the ocean
Some added salt for a cool splashing effect

 Then we used white tempera to add the foam of the waves

they could also tap their brush to make the waves look extra splashy!

 Students had the option to add decorations, but it was not required. They turned out really beautiful


  1. These turned out great!!! Love the little guy riding the dolphin. Also love your close-up shots. They really demonstrate the methods. This brings back memories of trying to wash out all the little splatters of white paint that ended up all over me (even though we splattered outside)!!!!! Thanks for the link, and I'm glad it worked out for you, too!

  2. These are beautiful!!!

  3. I love these! They all came out beautiful! :)

  4. So nice. I loved tese when Christie posted the lesson, and I love your version as well. Great work, kids!

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