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Monday, May 6, 2013

Catching Up... Lots of Fun Stuff!

The past few years, I have received numerous emails about how to make the monster Alien head and the 3-d lizard head. Today I took some pictures to show the steps of how to create the head. It is very simple and can be done with 2nd -5th successfully. When making the monster, add eyes, ears, horns, antennae, teeth, tails, legs, spots, the possibilities are endless!  This is also the same head for the Easter bunny puppet. There is a link to those lessons below. 

You will need a piece of tag board/card stock about 8 1/2 by 11 for the monster a little bit smaller piece for the lizard. Fold in half 

cut in half and fold the tops down along the side edge
                                 Then cut off the bottom and discard. The top pieces should be perfect squares                                                  

                                     Fold the squares diagonal the other way, so that you see an "X"

                                      Cut one side of the "X" and stop in the middle
                                        glue those sides together to make two tiny pyramids

                                       tape them together evenly on the back

                                    And now Go to TOWN turning it into some kind of creative creature!!

We have been doing so many things in art and I have just not had time to post lately. If you would like to see more detailed directions, or step by steps of these lessons, please leave a comment. I LOVE hearing your feedback and knowing what you like to see on the blog so I can post more about those things....I haven't heard from you in a while.

                          Fifth graders are working on a grid creating self portraits
                         Some classes are creating free form paper mache sculptures
                                       We are painting them tomorrow! WOOHOO!

Since the end of the school year is nearing, some grades are finishing up their larger scale projects and doing one day projects for fun. This city project is SUPER fun and simple. I actually get an APPLAUSE when I open the paper to reveal the print!!

This works best on regular zerox copy paper. First look at images of city skylines and talk about the shapes of the buildings, the sky and the reflections on the water. Then draw the city starting at the horizon line with trees, a road, and a bridge. Then draw the smallest buildings first so they can overlap the larger ones. They use a yellow crayon for the windows, stars, and fireworks, then color over them with marker to make a crayon resist when printed

The you spray water on the WHITE part of the paper and fold to print

Some fourth and fifth graders are finishing writing their names using two point perspective. This was a fun and chelenging lesson. I think they learned ALOT and have been using this technique in their free drawings for fun! They made HUGE frames with strips of large black paper and gold paint pens
I was inspired by this post by the amazing Aly Marcotte at Artisan Des Arts, go check out her awesome blog!!

 kinder, 1st and 2nd grade made "Planet Power Pugs" For Earth Day! They turned out fabulous!

 We also did a Draw- A-Long Bull dog last week and each student gets to create a very unique background! If you would like me to post the steps and script to create these bull dogs, let me know and I will. I finally figured out perfect steps for %100 successful bull dog looking bull dogs! They are SO cute and a GREAT confidence builder for shy artists! Some of the first graders told me that their parents did not believe that they had actually drawn it!! So much fun! Many students used our Graffiti letters to write their dog names in the background and the two point perspective lesson to create backgrounds as well! I love seeing them apply what they have learned in open ended projects and free draw!


  1. I like the addition of the the boats on the reflection part of the cityscapes!!

  2. Great projects going on in your art room! LOVE the Planet Power Pugs and the Bulldogs! I would love to see the steps for the bulldogs if you're up to posting them. I just did koi fish based on your fantastic tutorial. They came out great. Thanks Natalie!

  3. Thanks so much for the step by step on the alien monster mouths! I am a first year art teacher and get nervous trying to figure new things out sometimes :) So yes, would love to see directions on the bull dog if you get a chance!

  4. Specifically, what grade makes the city picture you mentioned above?

  5. WOuld love step by step on the bulldogs!


  6. I just pinned this post. We'll def be making some cityscapes soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. Would love to see steps for the bulldogs!

  8. Awesome ideas, I´m planning to use those ideas in my art classes. Thanks a lot, from Chile!

  9. Love all of these projects - especially the marker print reflections! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love the skyline project and would love to try it with my students. What kind of markers did you use for the project?

  11. OH! Yes, Yes, Yes please post the step-by-step for the bulldogs! It is our school mascot and I would love to be able to start with this drawing this year!!!

  12. Nevermind! I found it in your draw along section! Thank you so much for your generosity in posting such awesome projects!!

  13. First let me say, "I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!"
    Please post step-by-step directions on the self-portraits using the grid.

  14. Would love to see detailed directions for the paper lizard asap :) Love your blog!

  15. Please post step-by-step, as we are Bulldogs at my school!

  16. Love your blog! Thanks for the detailed 'how to' on making the cute chameleon head - kids will love that!

    Your ideas are wonderful for keeping kids engaged and happy on long road trips. I'm posting a link to this on my blog where I write about packing light and traveling with the kids. I would love a shout out from you!

    When your girlies are a little older, you might enjoy the $3 downloads on visiting (for real or virtual visiting) countries like Spain and France and world class museums like the Prado and the Louvre!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  17. I wonder how can make the body part of cameleon

  18. OMGSH did the bulldog instruction ever get posted here? I'd be SOO curious to see how she got these great results!?!?

  19. Ditto to all of the above! not sure if you are reading the comments recently? I, too, would love to know what markers you used for the cityscapes! Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

  20. Love to get the step by step instructions for the 3d lizard. Love it! Wanna make them with my class.

  21. I am a homeschool mom who is not that great at art. I would love to have step by step instructions. I love the stuff on your website. It is so colorful and looks like it would give my children the confidence they need to be great in art. Thanks.

  22. I would like the steps for the bulldogs!!

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