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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Painting with coffee! Baby bobcat

Here is a super fun drawing activity you can paint with instant coffee!

You will need some instant coffee, paint brush, water, sharpie
1. put two teaspoons of coffee in each cup
2. Add one teaspoon of water to the first cup and three teaspoons of water in the other cup so you have a dark brown and a light brown
3. Draw your favorite stuffed animal or follow steps below to draw the bobcat
4. Look for value (dark to light) and paint the drawing with your coffee mixtures!

start in the middle with a small nose, the add an unside down letter "Y"

 Add two lines to the top of the nose and bring the sides of the mouth up a little to make a smile

Add a fuzzy chin and draw two curved lines from the lines above the nose down to the chin
 darken the top of the muzzle with black and add two curved lines off each side
Darken the curved lines down to the mouth and add two eyes TOUCHING THE BLACK part 

Add two tiny shineys and then two large black pupils

Draw the top of his head pretty far up, and add rounded triangle ears
bring the lines down from the top of the head and make a furry face with zigzag lines all the way around the face

Add some fur to the tips of the ears and draw a trapazoid shape for his chest

draw two lines down from the sides of the head and bring them up to the bottom corners of the trapazoid

add a curved line to the bottom of the feet and a seam in the middle. Add two back legs behind the front legs

Darken the ears black and add spots to the head and legs

Use the coffee to paint the bobcat. Be sure to leave his neck, chest, tiny shineys and around the mouth white.

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