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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Give Away Give Away!!

In my last post I mentioned a give away.

Teachers, with back to school shopping in full swing, you no doubt have school supply shopping on your minds!

 Discount Office Items has a huge assortment of back to school supplies you will want to check out for all your classroom needs.

In fact, teachers, did you know they even have a specific section for you, with a wonderful assortment of teaching supplies?!!

I am giving away  these items from


Crayola Dry Erase Crayons - $4.04



Ampad Gold Classic Project Planner - - $4.17


Reusable Dry Erase Pockets  - $11.99


Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors $9.17


Bright Air Daisy Air Freshener -  $6.25



As another separate give away,

I am going to send three packages containing 12 art project samples from projects we have done over the past year to three separate winners. All you have to do for these give-aways is become a follower of (my blog) if you haven't already and leave your email address in the comments section. I will announce the winners on Aug 10th, and contact you. If there is a specific art project you would like me to include in your package you can let me know in your comment. I have duplicates of most everything.  These will be perfect to start out your year or create a bulletin board with and most projects can be found on the sidebar of my blog with photos and step by steps!






Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainbow, Unicorn, Art Party

So I haven’t posted much since summer started. I have a great give away coming up soon so keep checking for info on that to come soon. My big project of the summer is always my daughter’s birthday party. This year she couldn’t decide between an art party, rainbow party, or unicorn party, so we combined the three!
My BIGGEST discovery was that you can print a THREE foot by FOUR foot photo at Staples for $5.00!!! I did it online and they are called engineering prints. Its just printed on bond paper,not photo paper, but its so cool looking. I sent my photo online and it was ready to pick up in 15 minutes!
I am going to Mod Podge these to a large foam board or canvas for decorations in my daughter’s room when I’m done.
June painted the rainbows and then added glitter glue paint
She also painted some Unicorns that we drew together
We tied up 30 shirts for this party in different tie dye styles like the heart and the swirl. Heres the tutorials we watched. It was really easy and so much fun!
All the kids had to do was squeeze the dye on the shirts in the colors they wanted. We used the Tulip brand tie dye kit.
We did not presoak the shirts in soda ash,it is not required with this kit, but you can if you want.
You will indeed get better, more intense colors if you presoak with soda ash. Soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate, produces a higher pH, which activates the cotton in your fabric to make it react well with the dye. You can get very good results with this type of dye; it is vastly superior to the direct dye found in all-purpose dyes such as Rit or Tintex, neither of which work at all well for tie-dyeing with more than one color. We used the Rit dye and it did not work well. You can buy the Tulip brand soda ash if you like, or you can buy the exact same soda ash from the swimming pool supply store or hardware store for a considerably better price, and in a more convenient container.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of the kids doing their shirts. It was chaotic as you can imagine!
Everyone took their shirts home in a zip lock bag to set for 8-12 hours (the longer the better)
then rinse in the sink or hose
wash in hot water , and dry
We had paint brush crispy treats for “starving artists”
The cake was made from six cake pans of white Dunkin Hein’s white cake with food coloring. We made the icing from scratch from a wedding cake magazine. You need clear vanilla for the icing that can only be found at a baking or craft store.
It has four pounds of sugar in the icing alone!!!!

I got the little wooden unicorn on top of the cake from Michaels in the dollar spot. It came with markers but I painted it myself with acrylic paint.


The kids also made Rainbow Necklaces with Fruit Loops!
edit23fruit loop
It turned out to be a fabulous time for everyone and one of the best party’s we have done. I am still getting pictures and texts of the kids in their finished Tie Dye shirts which is really fun, here’s a few below that I just got now! HAppy Tie Dying!!

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