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Monday, May 11, 2015

Dogs, Color Wheels, and a fun jewelry idea!!

 I hope all of the moms out there had a Happy Mother's Day!!! This little guy was my very special Mother's Day gift from my family! His name is Chico because he's very small. He's an "otter" colored Netherland Dwarf and will be making a visit to the art room soon I'm sure!

Ok this is a super fun EASY project that my friend did that is so cool!! 
1. glue 25 pieces of colored construction paper together
2. let dry over night
3. sand the front and the back until all the layers are visible
4. squeeze the silver clip to poke a hole and secure onto the top. 
5. paint with clear nail polish
They look really really cool finished! 

My fourth graders have been learning to use proportion and measuring to create these fabulous dog paintings original lesson HERE

We call this wet on wet watercolor background technique "Galaxy"

 1st-3rd grade is creating these "Creative Color Wheels" We are learning primary vs Secondary colors and mixing our own green, purple, and orange. Then students turn them into something creative like ice cream, Emojis, fish, lady bugs, eyeballs, etc!


  1. Those are really colorful and beautiful pieces of art.It somehow reminded me of my polish lesson by skype at because my teacher uses art illustrations too. Thanks for the wonderful obra :)

  2. I love the necklaces! Were the 25 pieces of paper all the same size when they were glued together? Or were they graduated in size?

    1. Cindy, the papers are the same size. Little rectangles. When you sand the edges it reveals the edges of the different colors

  3. Those necklaces are FANTASTIC! What a great gift idea too. Who-da thunk?! Made from glue and construction paper. What kind of glue did you use?

    The doggy portraits are super cute too.

  4. so cute full color

  5. It's funny - have been doing a creative colour wheel project with my class over the last three weeks too! Was just posting about it :) I love the colours and effects in your dog pictures - is that liquid water colours? They reminded me a bit of Andy Warhol's dog portraits!

  6. Hilarious one, it is fantastic work, love it Adopt a dog

  7. What kind of glue did you use for the necklaces? Totally love them.

  8. Yes. All the same size then sand them down at an angle.

  9. love the construction paper stones. Where did you purchase the silver clips for them?

  10. really loving the necklaces! How do you get all the different colors in the center? do yoy sand all the way through all the layers?

  11. I was wondering (RE: the necklaces) if your friend or you used regular sand paper or if you used a sander/dremel? And...have you had kids try this project?

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