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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Awesome Lesson!!

check out this awesome lesson with creating unique art with home made stamps from

Check out the full post here

The pictures below are from her blog

I made the leaves and petals and stamped a sunflower with them, which Carys coloured in. Ffion had a go at making her own sunflower.

The cool thing about stamping the letters in negative was that the kids could colour them in with pencils after.

Okay friends, here is MY attempt at this…


I got the letters and lots of cool textures ready and told the kids how we were going to make our stamps, went over the lesson and found that my ink pads were all dried out.

Not to fret, I poured some india ink on each one. That is how art teachers have to improvise right?

Well my next step was the clay….hmmm, surprise!!, the clay is gone!! I guess the summer school or after school art kids used it…so at least I have some of this obscure weird crayola wet set clay that is moss green, that should work.

Well…our stampers weren’t quite as pretty as hers, lets put it that way. We had plenty of interesting textures, but I think I will have to buy some plasticine clay for next time!!

5 6

Do you hate these silly bands like me?


Well I thought they would be great to press into the clay to make stampers. They ARE shapes, right? We will try this tommorrow!!1


  1. Love it, Love it. I will post my project sample tomorrow. It went OK for my kids. I found the same idea... actually you might have suggested it. It was a lot of fun!

  2. This is AWESOME! I am giving it a try next week!

  3. This is amazing, thanks for sharing.

  4. My class used these for a "rubbing" lesson. Just stick them under the paper and go over with a crayon. Viola. They are also good for illustrating concepts like contour line, silhouette, and symbol (so I've found). Also, and on another note, I am loving your blog. This stamp lesson is a go!

  5. How did the silly bands work out?

  6. Heelo Nathalie, I am so enthousiastic about your idea! But can you tell me how do you clean up the clay afterwards? Is it not going to sit inthere and smudge the hands of the children or the next print?

  7. I did this amazing project with my fourth graders! We stamped our own suns just like the photos in the original filth wizardry blog post. Here is the link:

    We had a lot of fingerprints on our completed suns so some kids cut them out and glued them to a different background.

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