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Friday, November 5, 2010

Marbleizing with Shaving Cream

Kids LOVE shaving cream!! This project is extremely fun with beautiful results.

Begin with some shaving cream for each table,

some Sargents liquid watercolors


-place a large blob of shaving cream (big enough for the paper)

- let one student at a time squeeze just a few drips of 4-5 colors directly on the shaving cream

-use the back end of a paintbrush to swirl up the paint on the surface of the shaving cream until it is swily and marbleized looking (don’t overdo it or it will start to look muddy

-place the paper on the shaving cream

-use a pice of cardboard or styraphom to scrape the shaving cream off the paper and VOILA

you will have a beautiful print of your unique swirl design!

-then let students use markers and/or oil pastels to create their swirl into something creative

2 3 1 5 6 4 7 8

Here is another similar lesson I found online with great photo step by step!!


  1. I've done marblizing before but never like!

  2. I love the way these came out. Shaving cream! Cool!

  3. This looks like a BLAST!! I have never tried watercolors with shaving cream. Think we'll try it with some of my younger students in the Spring. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Just did this today with my Klee's Castle lesson. They turned out really great. I will post about it soon!

  5. How wow...this looks like tons of fun for any age! I found you via Crafty Crow and then shared this on my Naturally Educational facebook page. I am going to add you to my feedreader!

  6. So cool! I love how each child interpreted theirs in such unique ways too!

  7. This is very cool. I don't have those watercolors - do you think water-based paint would work okay?

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