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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hearts, Eyes, Mermaids, and MLK!!


We have been having lots of fun with HEARTS! This week we have been making warm/cool color heart paper weavings! I gave them bright colored paper and they had to color one cool color heart and one warm color heart. Then they cut them and wove them together.

hearts9 hearts7 hearts6 hearts5 hearts2 hearts4

Kinder and first have been studying how to add emotions to our artwork. They draw a lot of people in social studies and will be making self portraits later this year, so I thought this would be a great prep exercise! We did a group collage of different emotions.

I tell them the letter “V” above the eyes makes them look mad. We scrunched our eyebrows and felt them on our faces. Then we felt our cheeks go up and down when we smiled and stopped. We drew Humpty Dumpty on tag board, and then they cut him into pieces like a puzzle. They traded puzzles with friends when they finished.

faces2 faces humpty

One of my fifth graders made this card for our counselor.There is a tiny frame on the desk that says #1 Counsellor, a coffe mug with coffee in it, a computer, mouse, printer, and even framed ART on the wall! She used the fold that we did for the Spooky houses, (here is the step by step )


Okay, I am a freak about eyes. I have just started this exercise with second grade, but am going to do it with 3rd-5th too. We looked at lots of pictures of eyes first.

We talk about how they are 3d and the form is called a sphere

They learned the parts of the eye, pupil, iris, eye lid (like windshield wipers to keep them clean), eye lashes, and reflection of light. We talk about the light source, and how the reflection should be a rectangle if its a window.


I took a picture of a student and we looked at his eyes up close. I showed them how you can change the color in Photoshop.

eyecolor1 eyecolor2 eyecolor3eyecolor4

Then they used oil pastels to draw eyes!

eye3eye1eyes3eye2 eye2

Kinder-2nd made these mermaid drawings with sparkly paper tails!mermaid

I wish I could have photographed more of them, they were so cute!


When we came back from MLK Holiday we talked a lot about Civil Rights, Equality, and watched a video of MLK Jr. giving his I have a dream speech.

We made these crayon resist paintings and students wrote words around them like freedom, equality, peace, love, tolerance..mlk mlk3



  1. Love the heart weavings! I was actually going to do those today with my art enrichment students and then school was let out for snow... Oh well. They look beautiful!!

  2. That elephant thing is a good impression for a kid, just great. I recently also started blogging about art for kids, check my first post at,

  3. I just completed Heart Weavings with my 4th graders which were inspired by your blog! Thanks so much for sharing they turned out great! I will have them up soon on my blog. thanks again


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