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Friday, November 6, 2009

Spooky Houses

Okay here is a little bit of crafty fun! This year 4th and 5th grade made these adorable 3D spooky houses! It was so much fun and a friend of mine gave me the idea to use them to make Christmas Gingerbread houses as well. Maybe we will do that next year! I posted step by step instructions on the oragami part. For the decorations, we started with coloring the background (sky, grass, front of house,details of things in the windows) for the first class period so we could store them flat and not have to make space for 400 mini houses. They also took a small triangle and glued it on the front of the top tier which will become the top roof next time. The second class period, they taped a strip of black paper folded in half to the triangle to form the roof. then little strips to the second and first story roof. They made fences, and added little pop up ghosts, pumpkins, scarecrows, bats, trees, etc. with scrap paper.

First fold paper in half and draw two lines, an inch from the side and half way up the paper with the FOLD at the BOTTOM
Cut the lines and fold the flap up flush with the top of the folded paper

Draw two more lines, an inch from the edge of the flap, and half way up the flap

cut those lines and fold that piece up flush with the top of the folded paper

Open the entire paper and pop up the three middle parts pushing the sides inward until it looks like this

You should have three little steps

glue another piece of cardstock behind the oragami paper for the backing, and let the coloring begin!!


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