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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Van Gogh’s Room

art2011 198

We have been talking about Vincent Van Gogh, and this week the students made these little rooms. We looked at his painting of his room and I told them that I had been there and it was really nice. I wanted them to imagine an artwork where they would like to visit; a fun personally designed room of their dreams that reflected the colors and things that they liked.


art2011 201


The artist’s Room!

art2011 205

art2011 208

Tiny closet with tiny clothes on tiny hangers!

art2011 206

The beach going sports enthusiast's room!

art2011 209

Tiny flat screen TV…or laptop?

art2011 210

The museum curator's Room!

art2011 214

art2011 212

art2011 203


  1. These are SO cute. What grade level students made them? Was it a struggle for the kids to understand how to make their furniture etc? What kind of glue did you use? I'm also wondering about storage for the work-in-progress since you can't stack them.

    If I can figure all this stuff out, I'd like to try this w/some kids. We are about to start Van Gogh and & have a MOUNTAIN of scraps left from last year for us to dig into.

  2. So, can you tell me if you used Photoshop to put yourself in the picture?


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