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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finished Heart Sculptures

Today the kids finished their super awesome Valentine's Heart Sculptures! You can see how we made the armatures and added paper mache and plaster craft HERE and HERE

They painted with tempera paint and acrylic paint. Some students wrote poems on their heart with paint gold pens.

 Splatter painting was popular with this class!

 I LOVE this eye ball with heart shaped pupil! I love when they think outside the box!

Some kids put Mod Podge on their sculpture to make it really glossy like the "Be Mine" below

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. SO GREAT! Your students must have loved this project because all the figures are so happy and colorful-looking. They made me smile (abolutely love the eyeball with the red chucks!) Thanks for posting, Mrs. P @


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