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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tissue Turtles and Resist Rabbits

 Today kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade started their tissue paper turtles.

We looked at "Clover" and examined all of the shapes on her back and the texture on her arms
 The kids loved watching her slowly walk across their tables as they worked. I put her on each table for a few minutes while I monitored her.

The kids used a large black Staonal crayon to decorate their shells with lots of shapes

to do the tissue paper printing 
1. paint small area with water
2. place tissue on the water and then paint a little water on top of the tissue to make sure the whole square is completely saturated or I tell the kids "see through" on their turtle shell

 3.repeat until the whole shell is covered and no white paper is showing

4. when the tissue paper is dry, you can remove to reveal your beautiful print!

We used green paper to draw the head, and legs. They drew the eyes on white paper and glued the eyes on the turtles

Here are a few finished ones from second grade

I have been playing around with ideas for an Easter project
I thought of making bunnies using a stencil. Have you ever wondered what bunnies have to do with Easter? Bunnies are a symbol of Spring, but also a symbol of new life!

1.get a lightweight plastic binder like the one below

2. draw a bunny on it with a sharpie 

 3. I used an exacto knife to cut out the bunny (adult use only!!)

 4. I used Mod Podge to create the resist by blotting over it with a sponge brush. Tomorrow I am going to try this again using a spray paint clear gloss. I will post results...

5. When the Mod Podge dries, I used liquid watercolors to paint a design over the whole paper. I blotted the white part with a tissue as I painted to keep it nice and white. The lines were not as sharp as I had hoped, so I finished it off by tracing it with a sharpie. I am also considering letting the kids use silver spray paint to paint the stencil on black paper and use silver sharpies to make some zentangle eggs in the background...I will also post the results of those soon!!


  1. in love with the turtle(the real one!) he yours? so sweet!!!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love the idea of having the turtle in class. I can hear them giggle and laugh... You're pictures are amazing. I have always admired them. You do a nice job.


  3. Oh I am so happy to have found your site. I am a watercolour artist/author. Your turtles nabbed me. My story is called Tadeo Turtle - please check out my website at to find out more.

    I would like to publish a little of your turtle project next Saturday but will link back to your site with most of the post. Would that be okay?
    My email is

    Having the turtle in the class is a wonderful idea.


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  5. Wow! its so cute and good way of teaching kids... I really like this... thanks for sharing.
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  6. SO great having a real live turtle in the art room! I'm sure none of those students will ever forget that lesson : )

  7. The turtle is really cute, I am especially drawn to the eyes, however, I keep clicking back to your bunny. I love that bunny. Did you do multiple stencils and if not, how did you manage the classroom which the students were waiting their turn for the stencil?

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