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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Radial Design

4-5th grade students talked about radial designs in art and in nature. These are created with pencil, then outlined and colored with marker, then colored chalk on the edges of the white sections, then modge podge at the end


  1. These are great! What size paper did you use? Did you have the students use a compass to create the initial drawing? I love em'!

  2. WOAH these are incredible! I really want to try these! Any tips or advice??? These are so fabulous!!!!

  3. thanks! We used marker first and I try to tell them about 10-12 lines. they make the arched lines triangle by triangle. then they put a dot with the marker for each triangle so if they mess up its just a dot to fix. then they color it in. then they draw a tiny line of chalk on the edge of each white stripe and pull it over with their fingers to make the triangle look like a cone. shape to figure. when finished draw a white chalk line down the middle for a reflection

  4. Natalie, these are really great! I'm curious, since you never mentioned this - how did you use the modge podge? I see it on the finished pieces, but what did you tell the students about using it? What was the process?


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