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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sock Monkey's

First of all, none of my students had ever heard of a sock monkey. They have been asking me all week "Can we decorate our "monkey socks?!" They were very excited to decorate after the painting part. Next time I do this project, it will be with older kids. The kinder and 1st's who did these were a little overwhelmed with all the decorating materials and I had to make all those little pom poms myself because they don't know how to tie a knot yet! Got the idea from Deep Space Sparkle

I bought some pink tule and the girls went crazy making tutu's

"Yes, I am graduating in a crop top tank top and a tie...don't judge me!"



  1. These are so much fun! :) I'll have to put this on my "to do" list. Your display is great too!

  2. The kids did great, especially for kinders!I designed this lesson for older kids thinking third graders would be perfect, but now I see how well younger students embraced it. Nicely done and oh, I love the tulle!
    Patty from Deep Space Sparkle


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