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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rainbow Fish Lesson and Tricking Kids into Sharing!

Yesterday I read The Rainbow Fish to kindergarten and made these collage fish. Students used templates and cut them out. We drew the lines of the face and scales together with black crayons and markers. Then I gave them crayons and oil pastels to color and decorate. Then I passed out two tiny peices of sparkly paper and told them to share.
The book is about how the fish is the most beautiful but doesn't want to give his scales away and loses his friends. He finds it is better to share and have friends at the end.
I walked around the tables to see who was sharing the paper and who was being greedy!
I listened for kind words and waited to see who had the least scales.
Then I told them that I had been listening and told them the specific children who had shared and the kind words I heard them say. Those students got their own sparkly paper and they got to go around with some glitter paint giving dabs of glitter paint on each student's paper!


  1. I just love art projects that tie in with great children's books! This lesson sounds fabulous, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Very beautiful fish. What a wonderful idea to help illustrate the idea of sharing and caring by listening to conversations and rewarding good behavior.


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