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Friday, June 4, 2010

5th Grade Self Portraits


We used to edit the photos. Then painted the portraits on poster sized paper. They added details with sharpie markers. They were big, bold, colorful, and turned out awesome! Some groups did an Andy Warhol style portrait!

edit IMG_0716 edit3 IMG_0711 edit2 IMG_0718 art 084 IMG_0713

IMG_0708 IMG_0715


  1. loved your project, how did you use picnik to edit exactly, also did you print out the photo after editing on the paper and they painted over it, I am art teacher in Andover Ks and getting ready for a summer art camp would love to do this project any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. I took the pictures and put them on a server. On picnik,students can convert to black and white, saturate the colors, or even pick two colors and make the photo duo-tone. That is good for color scheme lessons like if you wanted them to use complimentary or analogus colors. There are several ways to transfer the photo to the poster. You can print a picture and create a grid on the photo, and then have them draw a congruent grid on the poster board to guide the drawing.You can also have them trace the picture on the poster board using a projector. I have done both and prefer the grid. It incorporates math, chalenges them to draw, and results in an original artwork.

  3. FUN!!! I am definitely using this!

  4. These look great! I was looking for a good self portrait lesson for my 5th graderss, and I believe I have found one!

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