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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chihuly Chihuly!!!
Above is another awesome lesson I found on Mary Making! What an awesome idea, Mary!!

Thank you to all my blog friends who inspired me to do a Chihuly style lesson next week!! I found some great vids on that the kids saw last week and LOVED! We brainstormed ideas of what they could do and we decided to do paintings of his art! I REALLY LOVE the project that Mr. E is doing right now check it out!!! Can’t WAIT too see the final result!

Here is a project I started with 3-4th grade last week

to extend the project, students will be bringing things from home that represent themselves to draw and paint inside the bowls, so that each bowl will be unique and represent each student! Not sure what to do with the background any ideas????

IMG_9360 IMG_9358 IMG_9350 IMG_9354 copy

I will post the results when finished!

5th graders are drawing and painting a Chihuly chandelier with a colorful pallet. Students will first draw lots of shapes overlapping to fill their paper. Choose their color pallet; monochromatic, warm colors, cool colors, analogous colors, etc. Then students will use liquid watercolor to paint each glass piece leaving a white reflection on each one to make it look shiny. They will then go back when its dry and add a watercolor layer of texture and stripes to certain shapes


the kinder and first graders made Chihuly chandelier drawings with markers and crayons!

IMG_9362 copy


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I can't wait to see your student's Chihuly inspired pieces!

  2. Hi Just love all the artwork you are inspiring with your students. How did the students create . On the big Chihuly display how did the students make thier art work.
    Big fan of yours
    Cheryl H
    Perth Australia

  3. your site is amazing....Do you have a feedburner service so that I can get e-mails when you post?


  4. These are some of the BEST Chihuly interpretations I have seen on the blogosphere! Good job!

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