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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A sneak peak of our Pet Rock City

Have you ever had a project that feels like its never gonna end?
I think Phyl is feeling my sentiments with the cats right now! This project is super adorable and the kids have come up with some awesome ideas for “The City of Rockston” Like the little White House with Ba”rock” Obama, parks, apartments, hotels, schools, and they even made it green with solar panels and a recycling center. I just hope it is finsihed this week!
I’ll post pics of the details when its finally finished!


  1. This may have taken a long time but I know that the kiddos will still be talking about what they built at high school graduation. These seem to be the projects they remember most!

  2. Like my crazy cats, it looks like this was worth the time. It's fabulous!!


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