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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I’m Back

Well I know I havn’t posted much this summer, but now that school has started, I have so many ideas and am excited to start up the blog once again!! I love seeing everyone’s room set ups! Here is my before picture, I hope to have the after pic by the end of the week! I did happen to hang my Fred Babb inspired mural! GET SMART MAKE ART!!
He has a poster book that I highly recommend buying for your classroom. Every page is a poster and they are very colorful and have great inspiring quotes like "Art can't hurt you." "Art is one of the few things left worth doing." “Time becomes meaningless in the face of creativity” "Good art is often too broad to fit through narrow minds." And the classic: "Good art won't match your sofa." They are my favorite and fit perfectly on a cabinet door. Here is the link to get the book
For my first week project I am going to have each student in the entire school draw themselves doing their favorite Olympic sport. It will be a GIANT Where’s Waldo display. Our theme this year is “Be a Champion Every Day” I will use the little wooden people to help with gesture drawing. They will draw with black markers and color with red, white, and blue crayons, pencils, and markers, and cut them out. I am having the principal make one and I will place him in a new spot every day! I am so excited.

My girls started school today…calm down, babies, I know you’re excited!!
first day of school
They did have fun after school using my favorite Crayola Window Crystal Effects Markers!


  1. Those markers are awesome! Thinking I will have to get some to decorate my windows in my classroom! Can't wait to see the finished products of your Olympic portraits! Even though school doesn't start for another 2 1/2 weeks for me, I've planned out my first few projects and will be doing something similar. Our school does a lot of anti-bullying stuff and I like to team up with the counselor to do one or two projects a year with her so we will be doing a "Where's the Bully?" themed bulletin board in similar fashion to Where's Waldo?!


  2. I love the mural. You may have sparked an idea in me!!!!! The quotes are great. I will be checking out amazon in a few minutes.


  3. I love the mural too. I have searched high and low for that poster book at an affordable price, because I had great lesson ideas, but it doesn't exist anywhere at an affordable price. At amazon, the cheapest new copy is $100, or if you buy it used, with the shipping cost, you will spend a minimum of $50.

    Meanwhile - where in the world is that misspelled SCHOOL sign painted on the road? Too funny - or embarrassing!

  4. By the way - LOVE the idea for the opening of school project. Great theme/great idea.

  5. Love the mural! I am planning Olympic projects as well. We start on Monday. SO MUCH TO DO!!!!

  6. Love your Einstein! Have a great school year! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Love the mural, look forward to the Olympic projects!

  8. Glad to see that mural on the wall!

    My name is Chris Babb, and I'm Fred Babb's son. I wanted to invite you and anyone else who is interested to "like" our Facebook page at I'm trying to revitalize the business and, aside from selling our current old stock of T-Shirts, I'm looking at the possibilities of reprinting the book and bringing back hats and mugs. Our Facebook page is where you'll get all the up-to-date news about stuff like that.

    Also, after a recent trip to visit family, we came home with a few Arts in Education posters (this one: Is that something you'd feel would go well on your wall, there? I'd be willing to send it to you for the cost of shipping only. Message me on Facebook if you're interested.

    - Chris

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  10. You stole Fred's work. You should be ashamed!

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