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Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween/ Fall Colors Tie Dye Shirts

LAst week I bought this Tie Dye kit at Michaels for the girls. It was super easy and they turned out really cute! It costs $10.00 but I got it on sale for $5.00
It comes with the dye and some black and glow in the dark fabric paint as well. There are lots of styles you can make and ideas inside. I let the girls squirt the dye on their shirts
We let them set for 24 hrs
but unfortunately the first attempt didn’t work so well. I just tied them back up and made sure to add dye in all the folds
Then the next day we opened them to reveal GORGEOUS HaLlOwEeN/ Fall Tie Dye shirts. Since the black looks a little brown and Fall color-ish, I opted not to add the Jack o Lantern Face so they can be worn through Thanksgiving as well. We might do another one with the spider or pumpkin!

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