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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tablet Picture Tuesday (again already)

I can't beleive its Teusday again and I still don't have a post ready! We are doing some fun things this week and will have a new post ready in a few days...until then, heres a few pics from around the art room this week for "Tablet Picture Tuesday"

Yes Kermit, yes, that is exactly how I feel right now...
Kick'n off the fall with some 1st grade sponge paint trees!!

1st grade paper hamsters!

third grade symmetry drawings +creative background!

kinder glitter paint handprint fish before decorations added

road with fall leaves


  1. You have lots of great projects happening in your art room! Love the fall trees road :)

  2. Natalie.....where are you? it's been over 3 weeks since your last post.....I'm going a bit nutty down here in Australia with my smART fix! Hope you're doing something wonderful (like on holiday).


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