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Monday, March 10, 2014

Big Art Day and other happenings

 Thursday was Big Art Day in Texas.
Big Art Day is an art happening to raise awareness of art education and art as a creative force in our communities on a BIG statewide scale. It is an attempt by the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) to engage all art educators, their students and communities in a single day art event.
In our classroom we used Skype to connect with another art room! 
We shared our class pets who had been "decorated" for Big Art Day!
Bunbun got some rainbow chalk highlights!

In other classes, we finished our clay hearts,

this one says," I'll love you till Earth is Venus." The artist who made it LOVES science! I asked him what his Valentine meant and he said,  " If the atmospheric conditions continued to add more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere the conditions of Earth would become like Venus...but it will never happen." 

We added ribbon and students took them home

Kinder is using watercolor pencils to draw the Van Gogh sunflowers and design a frame with gold paint pens on black paper!

3rd grade made camouflage 3D chameleons using oil pastels! They did so good, that you can hardly see them!!


  1. Love those Natalie! The cameleons are super cool!!!!

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  4. Hello! 3D chameleons are wonderful! could you share, how to make these step by step? I would love to try making these with my class..


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