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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Father's Day Coffee Painted Sepia Eagles!

Today we started a fun little one day project for Father's Day and Memorial Day. We need simple stuff since school is almost out so I had a can of Instant coffee and we made some Sepia artwork!! 

When I asked the students if their daddys/grandfathers liked coffee they ALL raised their hands!! 

We looked at several sepia photos on the internet, and then I had the students do the step by step draw along I created above

I gave each table a plate with some instant coffee....gently rub a wet brush on the coffee and it slowly dissolves into a nice sepia tone 

These are the parts they painted with coffee first

Then they could add a very small amount of color on the sepia painting

My daughter is in kindergarten, and I was so proud of how her Eagle turned out...I'm sure it won't be a surprise for daddy after I post this, Oh well :-)


  1. Natalie what a wonderful idea,and how talented you and the children are. I would like to share a website I own where children can download free a beautiful Fathers day coupon book.This would also work for Grandpa as well.
    Thanks and keep up the wonderful projects
    Dianne W

  2. Wow these are gorgeous! Kindergarten!? Beautiful. I'm totally stealing this :)

  3. You have got to be one of the most brilliant and creative Art Teachers on the face of this plant-I do know a few others-how did they all end up in SBISD????

  4. Oh, you're so clever! What a great project. And coffee for a sepia wash - Fantastic!

  5. Oh' that was really good' So sweet to know that you do that for your father. I am sure he would really love it. Thanks for sharing.


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