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Friday, December 5, 2014


We have a new friend in the art room this month! Students have been working on bird drawings and we have a special parrot visitor! Shrimp is my parrot who has been visiting each day to inspire creative minds and model his beautiful birdliness for our project!! 

The kids LOVE him!! 


  1. How FUN! Your very entertaining little guy makes me want to purchase a parrot for my class.;)

  2. He's a cutie! How fun for the kids in your classes!

  3. It's wonderful you're allowed to bring in your animals and help educate the kids about them. I have a Congo African Grey that I am allowed to bring with me (I only travel with her in warmer weather though) - but she is not allowed out of her travel cage. I daresay her vastly bigger beak is a little intimidating to administrators that fear an incident! Paulie talks, laughs, whistles the Darth Vader theme and blows raspberries at the kids. She always has a well timed "Wooo!" when something exciting is going on in the classroom. We do a whole project on Paulie - well, on Greys in general - in the spring. I read Alex the Parrot: No Ordinary Bird (under Paulie's supervision and occasional commentary) and we draw our own Greys on black paper with oil crayon. I'm fairly certain that she knows the difference between a regular project and one all about her.

  4. I love your bird! What a cool idea to bring her into the classroom. I have a fish. Not nearly as cool!

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