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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Roses Roses Roses!!!

The past two weeks we have been learning about the life of the artist, Frida Kahlo. In honor of Frida we made a composition using oil pastels and a color gradient background with tempera paint.

First we looked at different colors of roses and practiced drawing them with this step by step
Then they chose 2 colors of oil pastels. They colored a thick dark line on the top and the bottom of every petal, then used their finger to "smoosh" the color down and up making a nice soft blend from dark to light. 
Kids learned about the art elements color and value.
We looked at the color wheel and tried to use analogus colors for our roses 

These were my girl's rose clad Frida and Day of the Dead pumpkins for our school contest.

kinder artist!!

1st grade artist!!

When we finished the roses, we painted the background using one color and a gradient from light to dark.
First everyone started with a plate with white paint and a tiny squirt of black. The table group mixes the colors to make light gray and paints their first line. When everyone was finished with that line they raised their hand and I came and gave them another squirt of black paint. We did this until we had 5 shades of gray. They LOVED seeing it change to a darker color when they mixed it each time!! Then I gave them straight black on a separate plate to paint the remaining white paper out to the edges.

Above second grade and below are 1st graders painting their backgrounds from light to dark using "follow the leader lines"

We chose the neutral color for the background to make the color pop! 

Some 2nd grade classes wanted green and blue for their backgrounds. 

This second grader chose black and gray for her rose. When we made the background she asked for a brighter color for her background, so she used neon pink. I love her out of the box color choices!! After the 5th graders saw her rose, they all wanted to make black and gray roses with neon backgrounds!! I love when a creative kid completely changes up my lesson plans!!

these are second grade roses

 these are the 5th grade roses inspired by said 2nd grader!!

 Third graders made a variety of backgrounds. Some kids cut out their roses and glued them on black paper and others painted and decorated with oil pastels.
Below are third grade roses

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