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Monday, October 3, 2016

5th Grade multi media Collage

Fifth grade has worked so hard on these multi media collage pieces!
Layer 1 was painting
Layer2 was paper collage
Layer 3 was oil pastel shapes
and Layer 4 was painting, dripping, stamping

 We did some zerox gel transfers with animals


  1. This is an amazing project! I can not wait to try it with my students.

    1. Would you be able to share the process you use with your students for the xerox gel transfer?

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  4. Nice one! Do you apply the gel directly to the painting then the photocopy image directly over the work? Alternatively the gel medium on the xerox, peeling the paper, and applying to the mixed media piece. Anyway, these look GOOD! The idea is coming to my classroom.

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  6. Very nice creativity by the children. Really now-a-days art education is very much essential for children. My son is very much interested for drawing and painting. So in last month I took his admission into Euro Art Studio which locates & serves for teens between 4-17 throughout the New Jersey, USA. It offers Art classes for children and teens in a wide range of mediums and by a certified Art teacher as well as working artist. According to me this is a good platform to show his talent.

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  8. Sometimes kids surprise you with their art work. I can't do what these kids have done. Thank you for sharing it


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