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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shaving Cream Marbleized Starry Night Cactus!

 My fifth graders are having SO much fun making these!!!

For this project you will need:
watercolor paper
shaving cream
liquid watercolor or food coloring
paint brush
watercolor pencils

-First, spread shaving cream on the table the size of your paper
-Then drip the paint directly on the shaving cream where you want your cactus to go
- Then drip blue and turquoise paint around the green drips for the sky
-finally a few tiny drips of yellow for moon and stars, plus red or pink for the flowers

Next you will use the back end of a paint brush to make tiny swirls. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the brush TOUCHES the table and stands STRAIGHT UP, if it leans and isn't straight up and down it will not work

 - Next place the paper directly on the shaving cream and tap it gently to release and air bubbles
Lift the paper 

 and use a scraper to scrape ALL the shaving cream off the paper. This is when everyone gets excited! You will hear OOOOhs and AAAAHHHHs!!! IF you miss any it will be blurry, so make sure to get it all off

When you are finished with the print you can use watercolor pencils dipped in water to outline your cactus. You can also use pan watercolors to fill in the edges or add more color. Another fun material to use is Reeves water soluble oil pastels dipped in water. 

Clean up is always the BEST PART for this project!!!

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