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Monday, February 26, 2018

Galaxy Silhouettes

First place watercolor paper under the sink and run water over it until it’s completely wet. Then use black, blue, turquoise, and magenta watercolor paint to make the galaxy background 

Then use an old toothbrush and white tempera paint to splatter the stars 
Next use an old projector to trace the profile silhouette of each student on the back of the paper. Cut it out very carefully in one piece. 
The galaxy needs to be painted light if it’s going to be on black paper ( not too much black) If you want it on white paper then you can use more black. 
Next, use positive and negative stencils of clouds with tempera paint and a sponge. Overlap them at the bottom and keep the bottom dark to separate them.

 If you use white paper you can make white clouds on a daytime sky with a sun in the negative space using chalk. If it’s black paper then add some stars to the black space

You can also use the background paper to make a hand and put an animal or the moon or something creative in the hand!!

Last, create a moon and headphones with white paper and chalk. Glue this on last. Details can be added to the sky with chalk and India ink 


  1. beautiful project, i am making it myself now and i will use it in my artclass. Thank you very much!

  2. Beautiful! This would tie in so well with a study of Magritte! What grade did you do this with?

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  6. I'm having a hard time classifying just how to do the clouds....use positive and negative parts? it looks on your examples that some were done with ONLY chalk? I just am using summer break to plan lessons and trying to figure out how to do step by step explaining how to approach....Start middle and work down if using paint so top paint doesn't smear? Sorry, mind doesn't work this way well and if I don't have grasp on it, I won't be successful in teaching it. Thanks so very much!

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