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Monday, December 3, 2018

Daniel Anguilu Inspired Painting 

This year my theme is "Art Around town" so we have been studying the art of local artists in our city. One artist is Daniel Anguilu. Daniel creates large scale murals that are inspired by his Mexican heritage and his knowledge of precolonial art and culture from his world travels. We are so lucky to have the marks of his immense talent beautifying public spaces all over our city including our own District art museum!
Check out his instagram @Daniel_Anguilu
Tempera paint-  Add neon colors and a little white to regular colors to make them bright and pastel.
India ink
Large paper
-First draw lines from edge to edge that cross each other creating shapes with pencil using images of Daniels art for inspiration.

Then paint the shapes with large brushes and outline with India ink 
Create designs in the shapes using a variety of lines and different size paint brushes. Review elements of art to remember kinds of lines and shapes. Then use que tips to add dots on black lines and inside shapes 
Here are some of Daniel’s murals that we looked at! 
The artist!! Daniel Anguilu! 

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