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Friday, November 6, 2009

1st Post

My name is Natalie Waggenspack and I am an art teacher at Buffalo Creek Elementary in Houston Texas! I am creating this blog to share ideas with other art teachers and to have a place to keep my own ideas since I tend to lose them often! I am most importantly a child of God and follower of Jesus Christ, secondly a wife to my wonderful husband, Jimmy, and a mother to my little future artist 15 month old June, and another little girl due in December, and third, an art teacher, photographer, and portrait artist. you can see my portraits at, and my family at I LOVE teaching and some of these projects I have made up, and some of them are modified from ideas I have found from other blogs and websites. I like to empower children to create and express themselves through art in an environment that is comfortable and safe. I like to build relationships with them, get to know their interests, and personalities, and help them turn their feelings into artwork and walk out of my classroom with a memory of an art experience that changed them in some way. I like that I get to be their teacher year after year and watch them grow and mature. I like watching how each child is different and seeing their own personal styles emerge as they grow! I have the best job in the world!

Here is my little future artist!


  1. Hi Natalie- I just found your blog and your classes have done some amazing things! I wish our school had an art teacher, I do what I can in my own classroom. Your blog was very inspirational! I can't wait to see more projects.

  2. Just saying hello, and thanks for the blog. I like what you do! Also, June is such a cutie!


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