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Friday, November 6, 2009

Jazz Culture

A few years ago I did this project with my students to learn about the Jazz culture in New Orleans. We recieved quite a few students from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina and I like to integrate music and different cultures in with our lessons. We listened to lots of Jazz music and talked about the different instruments and veiwed many photos of the French Quarter.
Students could either draw a scene from the French Quarter or a Jazz instrument. We talked about how to draw the different architecture with balconies, storm shudders on the windows, long sidewalks,city lights, and streets. Students drew first with pencil, then painted with tempra paint, then used oil pastels to outline and accent their paintings. Students could also add little people dancing and stars, and use 3D o's to attach them so they pop up a little.


  1. It is a good and engaging activity for children. We can have a discussion with them on any topic, show them videos and then ask them to paint what they learnt and understand from the video. Thanks for sharing.


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