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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Fun Projects

Here are a few examples of some holiday collage I have done with 2nd and 3rd grade in the past. I usually give them a blue paper for the sky and half a green or white for the snow or grass to start the composition
-then paint trees in foreground that go from the bottom of the paper to the top. medium trees in the middleground, and tiny trees on the "horizon line" for the background
-then they can use paper scraps, markers, paint, and oil pastel to create an original composition of whatever the theme is, which must tell a story. There have to be characters, conflict, and or conflict resolution, and overlapping shown in the picture. This student was quite expressive with the sad turkey being hunted, but the hunter creates his overlapping and conflict!

This student created a holiday snowball fight. I love the little guy in the background launching snowballs from the igloo!! students used blue colored pencil to shade the snowmen,and black oil pastel to shade the trees.
Here is an indian collage with colored paper scraps and yarn. Students had to make large and small teepees on the horizon line to show depth in the background

Here are some fun ideas that I found on the internet. How about this pilgrim squash!!
I love this turkey basket made from a brown paper sack for the base, paper plates for the head, wings and tail, then colored paper, sequins, and paint for the feathers, and paint for the wings and head

This Thankful tree would be good for a classroom. The pot could also be painted like a pilgrim hat, black with a band or ribbon with a buckle on it. These adorable squirrels are made from walnuts with felt, and goobly eyes. They are a hide the nut game for students to trick their classmates with quick hands!
I just love this plump paper sack turkey with his slender spoon head!! The spoon head just does it for me! Made with a brown lunch sack stuffed with newspaper, and decorated with colored paper and felt, and of course the ever essential craft necessity; goobly EYES!


  1. Mr. Turkey basket of rolls is adorable:) So glad I found your blog.

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