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Friday, March 11, 2011

Salvador Dali Elephants and Surrealistic Creatures

This week we have been studying about Salvador Dali. I was inspired by the beautiful elephant projects done by Mary at

and she got the ideas from these awesome blogs below!!

We started by watching this great video about Salvador Dali

and I showed them how to draw the elephant in these 6 simple steps! We talked about the Indian elephants and how they are adorned with fine linens and jewels! We talked about the endangered elephants species.


We used washable markers and then painted them with water! We made shadows behind their feet and then they had to draw a horizon line and create a background with chalk pastel

elephants9 elephants13 elephants12 elephants elephants6 elephants5 elephants4

Then we added fabric


and jewels!!


They were allowed to use drawing books and create other surreal creatures as well! I will post more when they are finished!



  1. These are amazing! I have been doing a Dali unit with my younger students myself. Have you read "Dali and the Path of Dreams"? An amazing book about Dali!

  2. I second that! These are amazing! I adore them!!!! :)

  3. Lol: GMTA!

    I was thinking of the same exercise for my kids when I saw the elephants on the other blogs! If I hadn't been on maternity leave I would have beat you to it! Love the results!

    Ilse at

  4. Thanks for posting these - I love them and will use this idea later this year when my students will be studying Dali!

    1. This entire post absolutely ROCKS! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. It really shows. best friend captions & Captions

  5. Would love to see more of this if anyone has anything to post. My kids did some today but I have since started questioning the shadow directions. Love, love the idea!

  6. Such a very beautiful elephant and lion painting arts picture and this article give us good idea how make arts different designee on paper thanks for sharing proofread my essay .

  7. How did the students create the backgrounds? just using crayons/oil pastels?

  8. enjoyed staying on this page and request you to keep publishing post like - 322 Surreal Salvador Dali Paintings & Artwork

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