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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quilts and Circle Painting


I LOVE quilts. I wanted to do a simple quilt project with first grade, and got this idea from We painted patchwork quilts and added details and borders with oil pastels.

I didn’t get to take pictures of the last step, but they made a border and decorations with real patterned fabric and glued it on at the end. The real fabric made them look great, and the kids were so excited to sift through all the scraps and add them to their artwork.

fabric2 quilt7 art2011 015 art2011 016 quilt4 quilt8 art2011 009 quilt5

This adorable student actually wore her patchwork quilt hat on her art day knowing we were finishing our quilts that day! So cute!!!

quilt1_edited-1 copy qjilt10

We used colored pencils to add the stitches to our quilts.

art2011 001 quilt2

Circle Painting

Recently I have seen these videos floating around on different blogs about circle paintings. We watched the videos and got inspired. My 3rd-5th graders had ALOT of fun with the circle paintings. I will post our final products next week.





circles5 circles6




  1. Just wanted to share that I tried the firefly lesson too.. thanks for your posting of it.

  2. The quilt lesson looks amazing! awesome job!

  3. I have awarded your blog "Versatile Blogger Award!" Click on my recent blog post for details. :) Wonderful work!

  4. Hello, this is Hiep, founder and artistic director of Circle Painting. I'm glad to know that you've made the best use of the project. Thank you for the acknowledgement. Check out our to see our recent completed project, and "Like" us on

  5. I am sure I will embarrass myself with the question "How to instruct a class to do a circle painting together" but you don't know me... so I will ask:)
    A step by step approach would be appreciated by anyone who has the patience to answer me. I have a group of exceptional children... hoping for a wonderful experience for them all.

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