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Monday, June 6, 2011

Princess’s Birthday Party

We are out for summer and I am so looking forward to doing some art with my babies! I will be documenting our creative adventures.

So a few weeks ago we got a new pet. Her name is “Pwincess” and my three year old LOVES her. Naturally she is obsessed with Birthday parties, cake, and the like. Today she had the idea to plan and create a birthday party for Pwincess.


First I made the table and chairs with some cardboard and a gluegun! Then June chose to paint it pink!

Then she picked out some jewels from this scrap jewelry bin to decorate the chairs, and painted a tiny canvas for a Birthday sign!


We picked the tiny flower plates with ladybugs on them, set the table, and sang Happy Birthday about 20 times!!


She loved her cake…if you were wondering!


  1. Oh I LOVE this! What a lovely birthday party! The pictures are so beautiful and pink is perfect colour for the furniture!

  2. That might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  3. All these party preparations are just outstanding dear. It is so good to get these Decorations for Girls party. I would like to use it for my princess’s first birthday party as well. You know I have decided to throw her a party at most beautiful event space San Francisco.


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